Regional Council

The Regional Council offers inputs and guidance for policy development. It meets once a year with an aim of engaging volunteers in providing leadership development, creating a forum for discussions on SRHR issues and to promote good governance. Members of the Regional Council are from nine member associations in the region. The Regional Council consists of at least 50% women and 20% youth. The youth members of the Regional Council are elected from the South Asia Regional Youth Network.The members of the Regional Council are:

  1. Mr. H. R. Umesh Aradhya, Chairperson Regional Council (FPAI)
  2. Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, Member & Chairperson Regional Executive Committee (Rahnuma-FPAP)
  3. Mr. Chandima Gunawardena, Regional Treasurer (FPASL)
  4. Dr. Rashida Panezai, Member (Rahnuma-FPAP)
  5. Ms. Amu Singh Sijapati, Member (FPAN)
  6. Ms. Sapana Adhikari ThapaMember (FPAN)
  7. Dr. Roza Olyai, Member (FPAI)
  8. Dr. Hamidullah Matin, Member (AFGA)
  9. Ms. Sarah Safi, Member (AFGA)
  10. Dr. Pramilla Senanayake, Member FPASL)
  11. Ms. Jigme Choden, Member (RENEW)
  12. Ms. Sakine Rezaee, Member(FHAI)
  13. Ms. Firoozeh Goosheh, Member (FHAI)
  14. Mr. Asim Mohammed, Member (SHE)
  15. Ms. Aneega Adnan, Member (SHE)
  16. Mr. Mohammad Afshar, Youth Member (FHAI) 
  17. Ms. Dyuti Krishnan, Youth Member (FPAI)
  18. Ms. Sumichha Chand, Youth Member (FPAN)
  19. Mr. Umar Mavee Ali, Youth Member, (SHE)