Regional Executive Committee

The Regional Executive Committee (REC) is the Governing Board of the region and meets thrice in a year. The REC is elected from the Regional Council. The REC consists of at least 50% women and 20% youth. The REC members for 2017 -2020 are:

1. Ms Mahtab Akbar Rashdi – Chairperson.

Ms Rashdi holds a double Master’s qualification in Political Science from the University of Sindh, Pakistan and University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A. She is Serving Parliamentarian (2013 -2018). She is a member of Standing Committee of Sindh Assembly on Health, Environment, Energy and Women Development. 

Ms Rashdi is the Chairperson of Rahnuma-Family Planning Association of Pakistan (2017 – 2019), Member Board of Governance Green Star Social Marketing, Member Board of Directors Hum-TV and Trustee in Parveen Shakir Trust.

In her illustrious career, she has been an academician, Member of various Learned Bodies across Pakistan, Managed Trusteeship of foundations and been a Member of various Social Organizations. She has contributed to various leading Journals, Weeklies and Newspapers in Urdu, Sindhi and English on Social Issues, Women Issues, Environment, International Relations, Culture and Literature.

She has represented Pakistan on various international platforms through Conferences, Seminars and Meetings etc.

2. Mr H. R. Umesh Aradhya - Chairperson, RC

Mr Aradhya is the National President - Family Planning Association of India from 2015. He has recently released an Advocacy Resource Kit on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for Members of Parliament in India. He was instrumental in finalizing “One Constitution” of FPAI from 40 separate Branch Constitutions. He has a deep passion for women and child rights. He has worked in various capacities on various humanitarian issues:

  • Assistant District Governor of Rotary Dist. 3180 (1992-93) organized many humanitarian, hunger, health and educational programmes and was honoured by the Rotary International President.  
  • Secretary of the Rotary International District 3180 (1997-1998) achieved Zero Polio Report in the RI Dist. 3180 which was honoured by World Health Organization.
  • Team Leader of Group Study Exchange from RI District 3180 to RI Dist. 7960 (USA) which is one of the popular International programmes of Rotary (2000-2001). He was awarded the Honorary Citizenship of Massachusetts by Hon’ble Governor.
  • Chairperson of Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights under the Ministry of Women & Child Welfare Dept. Government of India (2012-2015),
  • Moderator at Regional Consultation Meet, Chennai, on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in Juvenile Justice Act in 2013.
  • The jury on the Board of Panel of Judges of Public Hearing on violation of Child Rights, Sexual Abuse and Juvenile Justice Act in Karnataka, conducted by High Court of Karnataka in 2014.
  • Member of Task Force Committee to monitor Right to Education (RTE) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, at the State and National Level in 2014.
  • Member Secretary for Shimoga District Committee of Quality Assurance for Sterilization
  • Member of PCPNDT District Committee headed by Deputy Commissioner of Shimoga District.

3. Mr Don Chandima Rajakaruna Gunawardena - Regional Treasurer

Mr Gunawardena is the President, National Council of FPA Sri Lanka. He is a Director with Carson Cumberbatch. He is a Founder Directors of FARO Foundation, a philanthropic initiative dedicated to enhancing entrepreneurship potential and build capacity via Web-based activities in the rural sector. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo established in 1927 and President of the Yachting Association of Sri Lanka – a body affiliated to the Ministry of Sports.

Mr Gunawardena comes with 42 years’ experience in Cost & Management Accounting, Financial and Systems Audit, Performance Audits in manufacturing Industry and value-added service industry, of which major portion has been at very senior levels in the public and private sectors of Sri Lanka.

He has played a pivotal role in Policy planning at the national level in Sri Lanka for private enterprise promotion and development of physical and intellectual infrastructure related to the agricultural sector. He liaised with International Aid agencies on behalf of the Sri Lankan Government, with country biased and multi-lateral agencies including USAID, UNDP, and EEC in relation to their funding programs for macro and micro private enterprise development programs.

He has experience in re-structuring corporate environments to regain and sustain overall growth.  Identification and strategy planning for core competent business units, shedding of sick and mismatched businesses. Capital restructuring of corporate entities and re-engineering of business units to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs of resources. Management of corporate entities within the framework of capital market regulations and accountability, including directing corporate secretarial practices in a listed company environment and liaising with regulators in matters connected with corporate activity.

His experience and knowledge in corporate governance regulations, including managing change in a changing governance environment, including and not limited to Board Room Governance practices will help the REC tremendously.

4. Ms Amu Singh Sijapthi - Member

Ms Sijapati has more than 12 years of work and voluntary experience. She is President of Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN), Kathmandu, Nepal.

She was at the helm of affairs at various initiatives - Ujana International Education Consultancy, Kathmandu, Nagrik Aahawan Saving and Credit Co-Operative, Kathmandu and dabbled as a Radio Jockey for various programs.

She has a long association with FPAN where she worked with Central Working Group than as a Youth Coordinator, thereafter moving to CEC as a Women Member.

Her achievements include: 

  • Elected as Alternate Youth Member, South Asia Regional Youth Network
  • Part of international youth Steering Committee, 5th APCRSHR
  • Received scholarship to participate in International AIDS Conference in 2004
  • Successfully instituted the Establishment date of FPAN as National Family Planning Day by Nepal Government.
  • Won the best MA award 2015 in the region and the Governing Council
  • Jaycees award for contribution in the sector of SRHR
  • Participation at various national and international events including the 59th CSW session, New York

5. Ms Sakine Rezaee - Member

Ms Rezaee is a member of Board of Director at Family Health Association of Iran. She has worked as Health Deputy at Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and Department General of Developing Health Network, Tehran.

She has attended 2730 hours education course in Ministry and Medical Education of Iran and Management & Planning Organization of Iran. She was undertaken Education visit in Mother & Child Health Program Project to China and Pakistan. She attended Research workshop in Bangladesh in 2006, on ‘’Health Providers role in establishing Primary Health Care System in Rural Areas in Iran’’.

She has authored and has been an editor for many publications, research articles and translations on the health sector. Some of the key achievements include:

  • Member of Editorial Board of Health Provider in the country.
  • Member of National Committee of Reviewing and Auditing Instructional and Fundamental processes in health networks.
  • Member of Executing Committee in rural insurance national programs.
  • Official member of International and Communication affairs, Health Deputy.
  • Inspector in honour of client’s project.
  • Member of revision committee for Health Provider’s books.
  • Member of the committee for authoring supervision checklists at the office of management health networks & office of family health.
  • Member of committee evaluation of deficient micronutrients (iron, zinc, vitamin A and D).
  • Committee membership health expert.
  • Officially writing the regulations of the referral system to speciality and sub speciality.

She has written many articles in the officially written health care planning journal – Behvarz of which some prominent ones are:

  • Effect of education on encouragement for vasectomy
  • Extraordinary effects of food
  • Safety of roads prevention of accident
  • The position of Healthcare workers

6. Sarah Safi - Member

Dr Safi has been associated with Afghan Family Guidance Association (AFGA) since 2009 and is a Member of Executive Board of AFGA since June 2015.

Dr Safi is a qualified doctor and holds masters qualification in Public Health from Georgia State University School of Public Health. She is a Member of Afghanistan Fulbright Association. In her current engagements, she is the Director of Planning & Legislation, Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health.

She is passionate on SRH of youth and women and has worked in the past as:

  • Co-founder, Member of South Asia Regional SRHR Youth Network, IPPF SARO
  • Peer educator, Co-founder member and Vice President of the National SRH Youth Network
  • Member of Executive Board, AFGA (01/2009- 01/2013)
  • Co-founder Member, Vice President and Head of Environmental Health Department, Afghanistan Social Aid (ASA) Foundation, Kabul.

Some of her achievements include:

  • Promoted and advocated for the SRH and Rights of young people in South Asia at regional and international levels.
  • Established partnerships with external youth networks at regional & international levels to address the health and well-being of youth.
  • Oversaw the process of supervision, monitoring and evaluation of SRH related programs’ implementation at the central and provincial levels.
  • Monitored the process of developing systems and procedures in the areas of SRH related program implementation, financing, administration, security and human resource development.
  • Established AFGAs Youth Network, an advocacy group to increase access and raise awareness of the Afghan youth and young women regarding their SRHR.
  • Conducted workshops and training on sexually transmitted diseases, and contraception for the Afghan youth and young women.
  • Consulted vulnerable youth on their reproductive health problems and referred them to the Youth Friendly Service Centers as part of AFGA's community outreach programs

7. Mr Umar Mavee Ali – Youth Member

Mr Ali from Maldives is a high-school graduate advocating for SRH along with meaningful youth participation. He utilises his education and work experience to provide input as a young person. He is a voracious learner, and am excited about working in different areas. He is Project Assistant with UNDP Maldives – LECReD.

Umar is a Youth Member of Executive Committee of Society for Health Education, General Member South Asian Regional Youth Network – IPPF and Vice President of Youth Volunteer Network -Society for Health Education.

He has worn many hats so far. He was a Peer Educator, Youth Scholar, Financial Assistant, Member of Youth Advocacy Union, Actor, Radio Presenter, Volunteer (UNDP Maldives, National Centre for the Arts, Maldivian Red Crescent, Youth Health Cafe’, Human Rights Commission of Maldives, Tiny Hearts of Maldives) and Television Presenter