Breaking the cycle of Gender Based Violence #StartsWithYou

#StartsWithYou is our effort to celebrate the unsung heroes, survivors of Gender Based Violence, their struggles of coming out of it and also bravely fighting back to prevent it. Living your life with dignity, being free to decide about yourself and your future, or simply feeling safe while walking on the streets: these are all basic human rights that gender-based violence constantly takes away from millions of people around the world. We are still living in a world where people think such behaviour is ok. Well, we are not okay with it and we believe, so are all of you who will join us in this campaign. With this campaign we are urging you to join the movement to speak up against Gender Based Violence and actively intervene to put an end to it because each one of us has the power to empower each other.




    Making a world free of GBV #StartsWithYou.Take the pledge today to:

  • Treat all genders equally

  • Challenge sexist language and jokes that are aimed to degrade any gender

  • Remove patriarchy at home and create an environment of equality

  • Preach gender equality to children

  • Educate children about good and bad touch

  • Help anyone facing GBV

  • Stand up against the abuser

  • Report an abuse to the police

  • Support a GBV survivor in the legal process

  • Never cover up an abuse



People Have taken the Pledge to stop
Gender-Based Violence
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The effects of the vicious cycle of Gender Based Violence

  • Gender Based Violence is not only a human rights violation but also a serious public health issue with physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health consequences. Men and women die at the hands of their violent partners. Women die because they cannot access the abortion services they need. Men and boys suffer abuse and keep quiet due to intense victim shaming based on perceived gender stereotypes. Transgender people are being abused and stigmatised for being different.                                                              
  • Many survivors who have suffered from violence are forced to be silent. If they gather the courage to take that bold step to tell someone, they are victimized with stigma and persecution, which can lead to them and their families being ostracized.


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