Sexual and reproductive health programme in crisis and post-crisis situations

Saving lives is the core of the SPRINT Initiative (Sexual and reproductive health PRogramme IN crisis and post-crisis siTuations)

The initiative was designed to address gaps in the implementation of the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) an international standard of care for Reproductive Health which is a set of priority activities to be implemented at the onset of an emergency. 

The SPRINT Initiative provides one of the most important aspects of humanitarian assistance that is often forgotten when disaster and conflicts strike. IPPF-SPRINT ensures access to essential lifesaving SRH services for women, men and children in times of crises, a time when services are most needed yet are not prioritised or recognised by key humanitarian responders, IPPF-SPRINT delivers practical solutions for girls and  women, trains humanitarian workers to deal with pregnancy, childbirth, reproductive health and the aftermath of rape and violence.